Wednesday, September 2, 2009

world/541 championships

Thats right, not only is the UCI World Championships this fri/(Sun if you are attending in person in Canberra, Aussieland. Il be watchin from the comfort of the couch rooting on the two big threats from USA, im seein Looch on the podium for sure! Sick Mick's still got the skills an fitness, a track pretty much designed for his style and in his homeland, and the determination to take that number one spot. But, thats just like, my opinion man...After champs is wrapped up a group of folks is gathering at a certain trail for a certain race. Not to brag, but its kind of a big deal. haha. Hollis and I will be attending, gettin down on some more shootin. This is the funnest race of the year by a long shot! Got third place last year so Pretty bummed to be hurt but its still gonaa be a lot of fun filming, ive been wanting to do this for so many years :)

Heres a few pics I just came across from some pretty sweet and scary lookin trails in CO. Oh, and by scary I mean steep, super loose 'dirt' and lots of rocks. I can definately see why so many fast folks are comin outta there!

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