Friday, April 30, 2010

GRT stills, well.. alright, they're decent

Charlie here represented hard for TEAMROBOT, Evil Bikes National Team and AMERICA last weekend. lets just say, I could hear everyone chanting USA!USA!USA! at the finish while I was waaay up the hill.
Got through my cards from the weekend, picked out a bunch and posted em on flickr.
Some turned out rad, some not so much.. one things for sure. I need to use a flash hahaha

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pro GRT update

Pro GRT #1 from Tom Lyons Media on Vimeo.

Easily one of the best races i've ever been to, and I didn't compete! The camera situation worked out perfectly, with Jeff Chillo steppin in and fronting me a second vx2100 for the weekend! so If you see Chillo, give him a pat on the back.

The Downhill Coalition was weak in attendance, but made up for it with Jack and Rhys steadily making their way up the Jr Ex class with 26th and 23rd places. Not too bad with stacked classes in Jr Ex and Pro! There seemed to abe a lot of folks who took their flyng misfortune as an opprotunity to check out some racing in the Pacific Northwest and nobody seemed disappointed.. Come to think of it, i've heard nothing but great reactions as far as the course and the GRT in general. Im makin my way through some photos from the weekend, Should have some up here soon!

Heres some results:
1 Bryn Atkinson
2 Justin Leov
3 Luke Strobel!

1 Tracey Moseley
2 Rachel Atherton
3 Jill Kintner

Check out the full results here

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Its official

Biking season is in full swing! with Jared graves winning the Sea Otter DH and teammate Aaron Gwinn in second both there and on the other hill during slalom finals, losing only to Sik Mik. Cant say any of this was really a surprise.. The surprise was the volcano in Iceland that convinced a lot of European world cup riders to make the short trip to Port Angeles, Washington this next weekend for the first Pro GRT!
This is probably the closest the NW will get to a World Cup so im extremely excited! Got some new toys for the cameras for the occaision and all.. so until the mega update next week, enjoy this Gem that made me want to ride my bike when I was 13 and still does after 11 years..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sea Otter

Is this weekend. Too bad I have to work, things like this are definately more the direction things need to keep going at sea otter Less ladder bridges and sustained sprints, more pumpin and flow! Good luck to all racers headin down there, especially Rhys and Jack representin the Downhill Coalition.
Next weekend, Pro GRT at Port Angeles.. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day bow bow

chicka chi yeeeea.

That sums up my day. Ben and I shredded the bejesus outta blackrock, and im not gonna lie, it was marvelous. Didnt get greasy til the end of the day, towards the bottom of the hill. The race course from last years flow cup is revamped and riding uh-mazing, fast and with loads of flow. I really cant wait to ride it in the dry.. long story short, I definately got my shreddin fix this weekend. I felt great all day, did every little thing ive been thinking about over the winter, including keeping up with Ben Kubas for more than 30 seconds! got a few pics, il try n get em up soon.