Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Big Show!

I was blessed with a clear signal and fully operating early today to view the very last round of the UCI DH series. It did not diapoint! With the top three contenders each fighting for their chance at the overall series, it was a win for Sam Hill ho made it look so effortless and very fast. The big overall 2009 ranking ladies and gentleman..
first Sam Hill
2 Steve Peat
3 Greg Minaar
4 Gee Atherton
5 Mick Freakin Hannah
6 Justin Leov
7 Sam Blenkinsop
8 Brendan Fairclough
9 Aaron USA Gwinn!!!
10 Fabien Barel
With Duncan Riffle pullin in 20th overall, 2 americans in the top 20, thats what I like to see!!

The race results are

first Sam Hill
2 Sam Blenkinsop
3 Gregg Minaar
4 Aaron Gwin!!
5 Brendan Fairclough

7 Steve Peat,
9 Luke Strobel

How about them Americans?
Aaron Gwinn fourth in Austria and reppin the NW Luke Strobel in 9th! (Luke Qualified 10th)

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