Wednesday, September 30, 2009

dude. That samsquanch shreds

Untitled from Dan Bowhers on Vimeo.

Sick bike. I like it, like it.
also this always looks promising..

Days of Thunder 2009 TEASER from niels windfeldt on Vimeo.

Now those are some jumps!

Ive been spending a good amount of time on the ol pooter lately. To show for it, Lots of random biking videos gathered from the intraweb for now. I got a couple projects on simmer right now, gonna crank em up over the weekend. Im goin out on my mountain bike, in the woods, for the first time in a while tomarrow to test my wrist's durability haha. The plan as of now is Alpine tomarrow and Falls city for some bonzai cruisin on saturday. let the games begin!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bike lock justice

He must have the 5 star rated lock haha. I like to use the huge chain when I ride downtown, havent had to use it yet!

Koala trails

Methods from Jeremy Combs on Vimeo.Holy smokes.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Big Show!

I was blessed with a clear signal and fully operating early today to view the very last round of the UCI DH series. It did not diapoint! With the top three contenders each fighting for their chance at the overall series, it was a win for Sam Hill ho made it look so effortless and very fast. The big overall 2009 ranking ladies and gentleman..
first Sam Hill
2 Steve Peat
3 Greg Minaar
4 Gee Atherton
5 Mick Freakin Hannah
6 Justin Leov
7 Sam Blenkinsop
8 Brendan Fairclough
9 Aaron USA Gwinn!!!
10 Fabien Barel
With Duncan Riffle pullin in 20th overall, 2 americans in the top 20, thats what I like to see!!

The race results are

first Sam Hill
2 Sam Blenkinsop
3 Gregg Minaar
4 Aaron Gwin!!
5 Brendan Fairclough

7 Steve Peat,
9 Luke Strobel

How about them Americans?
Aaron Gwinn fourth in Austria and reppin the NW Luke Strobel in 9th! (Luke Qualified 10th)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crawfish edit

Crawfish Trail, OR from Tom Lyons Productions on Vimeo.

Tomarrow im shootin Harrisburg for another edit with Ryan. Should be saweeeet... Hope people like the crawfish vid as much as I do. oh yea, feel free to leave comments, advice, rantings.. its all welcome!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Your new world champ is crowned..

Bout time Stevie!! I believe I can honestly say that for the whole mtb community around the world. Congratulations buddy!!! You are definately he peoples champion, and after all these years of watching you reign over the world cup circuit I cant even imagine how it must feel to have that title under your belt!! I swear Rob Warner was so excited he forgot to say "Look at the time!" haha
The crawfish classic was a no-go last weekend but still managed to have a blast out in the wet, wet forest. Got some of the best footage ever, should have some up here pretty quick! for now, back to editing. Way to go Steve Peat! you the man!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

world/541 championships

Thats right, not only is the UCI World Championships this fri/(Sun if you are attending in person in Canberra, Aussieland. Il be watchin from the comfort of the couch rooting on the two big threats from USA, im seein Looch on the podium for sure! Sick Mick's still got the skills an fitness, a track pretty much designed for his style and in his homeland, and the determination to take that number one spot. But, thats just like, my opinion man...After champs is wrapped up a group of folks is gathering at a certain trail for a certain race. Not to brag, but its kind of a big deal. haha. Hollis and I will be attending, gettin down on some more shootin. This is the funnest race of the year by a long shot! Got third place last year so Pretty bummed to be hurt but its still gonaa be a lot of fun filming, ive been wanting to do this for so many years :)

Heres a few pics I just came across from some pretty sweet and scary lookin trails in CO. Oh, and by scary I mean steep, super loose 'dirt' and lots of rocks. I can definately see why so many fast folks are comin outta there!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Real Deal

Willamette Pass 8/30/09 from Tom Lyons Productions on Vimeo. Pretty stoked. Crawfish should be awesome! looks like rain in the forecast.