Wednesday, September 30, 2009

dude. That samsquanch shreds

Untitled from Dan Bowhers on Vimeo.

Sick bike. I like it, like it.
also this always looks promising..

Days of Thunder 2009 TEASER from niels windfeldt on Vimeo.

Now those are some jumps!

Ive been spending a good amount of time on the ol pooter lately. To show for it, Lots of random biking videos gathered from the intraweb for now. I got a couple projects on simmer right now, gonna crank em up over the weekend. Im goin out on my mountain bike, in the woods, for the first time in a while tomarrow to test my wrist's durability haha. The plan as of now is Alpine tomarrow and Falls city for some bonzai cruisin on saturday. let the games begin!

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