Thursday, July 9, 2009

odds n ends

Sorry for the serious lack of updates lately, been moving and spendin more time in the ol place of employment. Not to mention lots of time on the trail bike ridin and not enough filming..
 Not to worry, I got my camera stabilizer fixed up yesterday and took it for a trial run, should have some new footy with it soon!

I wish I could pull half that stuff on my 26

Oh yea, the demo day was pretty radical. Not as many bikes as one might think 8 manufacturers would bring but once I learned that a lot of the bikes were the teams personal bikes (like the Evil guys) I was quite alright with it. There were even a couple redbull riders in attendance, semenuk was filming when he wasnt gettin checked out by medics and Stevie was in to do a little shredding.

enjoy the random goodies, especially the Tomtom club. If you dont enjoy them, well, thats just like your opinion, man. 

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