Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mt. St Anne

just watched the top ten on freecaster. Sam Hill took his first win of the year and Peaty pulled in 2.5 seconds behind for 2nd. The surprise of the day was Aaron Gwinn from So Cal held the hotseat from nearly all the top ten qualifiers, resulting in a solid 3rd only .3 sec off Peat. First american on the top 3 in... well before my time haha anyways it was unreal watching Blinky, Brendan, Fab and Kovarik among others try to best Aaron, and it took so many..

Theres a race at willamette Pass this weekend, and it seems like everyone is there but me. I opted for the couch thru the weekend to recover and get some editing done. Willamette will be really gnarly, with dust everywhere and braking bumps that would swallow you alive.. you can expect some injuries and people who have no sense of self preservation to do really well, im excited to see how Rhys does

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