Tuesday, June 2, 2009

U.S. of A.

Just saw that AMERICAN Duncan Riffle from Santa Barbara just won the first round of the IXS european downhill cup, following his 2nd place in winterberg, Germany a week earlier.  Duncan, just like Kyle Straight, Aaron Gwinn, and Cody Warren are raking in great results from all over the world.  With consecutive top 20's and nearly breaking into top 10, this is already the best season for american racing over seas in about 10 years!
highlights include:
  Kyle 11th at Le Bresse.

  Duncan 12th at Peitermaritzberg.

  Cody 17th at Valnord.
  Aaron Gwinn 16th at Valnord, 14th in Le Bresse and 17th at Peitermaritzberg! already a regular at world cup top 20's and its his 3rd year racing mountain bikes.


and theres still Fort Bill this weekend, Bromont, Maribor, Champery and Shladaming to go. Worlds is in there somewhere at Canberra.
Go Team America! 

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