Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crawfish update

  This place is prime right now! super fast, just enough moisture to keep the dirt from gettin loose. mmm.. Rhys and I did a non stop run, wish I had a run like that for 'the classic'
    that reminds me, it must be comin up this summer..

  anyways it was definately a day of learning.. bout tire pressure, how a bar/stem fits perfectly where goggles Should be. ( I feel like someone punched me in the fucking  nose), and knowing when its time to call it. I was accosted by a squirrel, two bees and a particular root, nature was obviously trying to tell me something.

  Willamette Pass was absolutely Poifect! not much snow, lots of moisture in the turns and trees, lots of new rocks and some super beat up, semi- fresh trail made for premium big bike shreddage. Held a mini demo day with the help of some good friends and rattled the new bike to death! Pretty much blown away by how the 6' bike handeled it. Way more fun on an m6 or v10, I can tell you firsthand!
  so this sunday is gonna be a toss up.. either post canyon, Hood River or Big Willy again. We'll see what happens. Either way you should see some new pics soon!

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