Monday, March 23, 2009


 Im on the intronet! I started this mainly as reason for me to get on a schedule of regularly shooting and filming, editing and producing content for the blog. The plan from there is that I can actually get more practice at shooting, filming, editing, organizing and posting that I will be starting freelance photography, Video Production and Design! 
    So in addition to working at REI I will be part time (mainly weekends and evenings for now) doing it all.. Wedding photos/ film, family/ senior portraits, sporting events, concerts, and special occasions are just some ideas of events that memories could be stored in photo or film, project completed from conception to framing, Images on a disc or full dvd poduction!  action sports are a huge part as well, more specifically mountain biking. Using my knowledge of photography and passion for cycling to really gain insight for sponsor shots/ video, personal use, gifts or advertising. 
     After two years at lane community college studying graphic design I will be putting it to good use! I have gained a personal understanding of the design process and developed a rather 'original style'. Although my focus is primerialy on photography and filming, I am avialible to do advertisements, catalogs, package design, record design, corporate identity (logos), record design, environmental design, type design or just about any other project along the lines of media/ type design. 
    I am in the preparing stage and am still getting together some accesories (lighting, multiple lenses, editing software, etc). At this moment I have everything I need for the average photo/ film or design project, but am planning to have all supplies, experiance and knowledge needed to take this into a career by summer 2009. I will be keeping this blog up to date w recent progress.
    Yes, I am avialible as of now! Any questions or comments are welcome!   thanks for comin by, enjoy the show.  ts gonna be fun

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