Thursday, March 26, 2009

Powerline jam

The Lifecycles/Kona/ DH Coalition sponsored "Powerline Jam" went down last sunday out lorane hwy. Although it wasnt the biggest turnout, damn it was fun! Jimmy James was in presence with about 7 demo bikes, oakshire brewary hooked it up with a keg in the beverage department and there were tunes and chill vibes goin all day.All I can say is I cant wait for the next event from Life cycles! they're movie nights are always legit with a keg and pizza supplied by track town, and the trail days are even more fun. Thank you everyone for organizing and puttin on such fun events! Its about time a shop showed some interest in these kind of events, lets keep supporting it and give them reasons to keep these sweet shindigs goin down! Some photos are even startin to show up, here are some favs from, Thanks Holli!


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