Saturday, May 14, 2011

Patterson Mountain camping trip

Went camping up on Patterson Mountain last night. We went up to see how the snow line was looking, and hopefully get some runs in on one of our favorite trails but it looks like we got a couple weeks til the snow will melt enough. We quickly decided on a different camp site and spent he weekend hitting another awesome trail on the other side of the mtn, and breaking a buddy in to mountain biking in the NW.
Chris, Kenny, John, Basil and I had a great time relaxin, eatin some bomb camp food and riding Hardesty for the first time this year. With quite a few down trees, and our saw left at home we spent a little more time than anticipated climbing over debris but still had a blast and got some great pics over the last couple days. Enjoy!
Thanks for the great time guys, lets do it again soon!

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