Monday, April 25, 2011

Its on!

Racing season has begun! The first round of the NWcup and the Pro GRT series was in Port Angeles, WA a few weeks ago. The Roots Racing team (Jack Hill and Rhys Ewing) along with the support/media gang (Tyson Copeland, Colin McCarthy and myself) cruised on up to try out the new bikes. The weekend was amazing, as expected, with Rhys missing the podium by 1 place and great times all around! Tyson threw a couple great edits together from all the footage we got, so without further adew, here they are

NWcup proGRT 2011 with Andrew Neethling, Danny Hart and a few more pros on

Roots racing Team proGRT round 1 on

And if that wasnt exciting enough, the first round of the UCI world cup DH series kicked off sunday in South Africa and marked a huge day for America! Aaron gwin slayed the course and came down nearly 7 seconds quicker than Steve Peat. With a few riders left, Minaar gave it his all and still came up .2 sec short. Mik even tore his bars off his bike with the raw power he was putting down, taking him out of the running. Aaron Gwin won the first world cup for america in 13 years (Myles Rockwell I think), while securing his first ever world cup win after only four years of mountain biking. Long story short, Aaron Gwin is absolutely nuts fast and now with the support of one of the largest cycling companies out there he is going to start his worldwide takeover. heres a preview.
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