Monday, March 8, 2010

Blackrock Film Trip

Blackrock was in prime conditions yesterday for a much anticipated filming day, not to mention all the Eugene talent! We shot upper sickter, Grannies, dino's, the two upper road gaps, ET jump and from there out.. Came damn close to filling a whole 60 min tape, which im making my way thru and editing. So expect to see some new trails, fresh shots and lots of trains! haha Tex got his new Corsair out of the Garage to break it in proper.

Scotty was snappin off the stills on my canon, grabbin bangers right and left. Tex nabbed a few as well. Thanks guys!

I was really lookin forward to shooting some trains down grannies doubles, but when we got up there a lot of the jumps looked re-done and pretty soft, but that didnt stop Tex or Sheldon. I got to session the big hip at the bottom with them so I left that trail pretty happy with the shots we got!

Got some shots Ive been thinking about for a long time, and some that i had never thought of before, and a lot of ideas from everyone else.. So the edit is gonna be a good one, incorporating a lot of peoples input and ideas. It was such a good, laid back day, with the best riders any filmer could want. Thanks everybody that was up there and helped make the day go easier! heres some parting shots from filming, like Duck and Tex training the cliff drop. enjoy!

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  1. Nice work up there Tommy! Can't wait to see the video.