Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Willy Style

Aside from the really small turnout ( less than 30 racers, and only a handful of fans) it was soo much fun! The DH Coalition was in full effect, with Casey winning Cat 1 mens open with a time of 4.42. Chris Spicer got 5th with a 5.02 and Jared Tuska came in 6th with 5.04. Rhys pulled together another really good run this weekend, winning the jr ex. division with a time of 4.51 on the same course as the pros! Its pretty cool to see Rhys getting faster and faster with every race, makes me so proud and pumped to see him progress over the next year and prepare for running with the pros (he was only five seconds from the pro podium at Big Willy). The pro standings were Eric Loney (Project 529) first with a time of 4.25, Jared Hobbs (Fluidride)
and Jeremy Tufts (center cycle)
Kirk Linder won the Masters class with a stack up in the rocks, still pulled together a 5.13!

All in all it was super sweet, still workin on the footy but here are some sssweet pics Hollis nabbed on the second race runs.
He managed to get this shot of the elusive Huckasaurus Wrecks in its natural habitat, it even had an extra layer over its normal, mesh/ hard plastic exo-skeleton. Is this creature evolving? lets hope so.

Get jiggy with it

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