Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Thaw

It was a busy weekend in the world of biking, but i saved the best for last..  
 The Spring Thaw DH seems to grow in attendance by leaps and bounds every year, and this year was no different. Even though some of the usual suspects were MIA (Team Greene, Tex deisel as well as Shaun and Erika)  there were plenty of racers and spectators. I was half of the media team this year with Rhys helpin out in the still shot department.  Heres some favorites, some highlights and some movin pictures.

Mark Weir won the pro division, setting a new course record at 4:09.46! 
Local boy wonder Nathan RIddle pulled in second and Scott Fellers in third.

The LifeCycles/ DH Coalition team was there and Casey Smith scored first second place in cat 1 24-29 with a time of 4:40. Colin McCarthy squezed into 5th with 4:41.

Jack Hill was good for a fourth place finish in Junior Expert, breaking the 5 minute mark with a time of 4:59. Missing the podium by 3 seconds!

Since Rhys is still sporting the cast on his right hand, he helped bag some shots and lent his bike to his 13 year old brother, spencer to race. Spencer looked so strong in the rock garden before gettin huckle bucked on the jump and fracturing his arm. I think i see a new bike in Spencers near future.
     Chuck 'Steez' Jacobs was smokin quick all weekend and nabbed himself 5th in Cat 1 30-39.

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