Monday, April 6, 2009

And just when you though you couldnt take it anymore..

 Nothin but sun this weekend and it was definatley an eventful one.. The first race of the Fluidride series was in Port Angeles on sunday. Sounds like it was all around percieved as an awesome race course. Rhys ewing had some bad luck and got sidelined with a broken thumb from practice, Jack Hill pulled a decent one together for the first race of the year wit a mid-pack result in sport. Theres even rumors of a certain 2nd gen prototype race bike bein tried out..   
  Me? I spent the weekend at Harvest, doin my best to help pack(tag) the jumps. The whole small line is rideable with exception of the very soft hip before the step up.. also, I got rid of my 6 year old nokia and moved up in life.

Next time More Pics and less talking I promise haha

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